Geschichte Gasthaus Pfudl

In 1922 the restaurant was founded by the family “Pfudl”. The Pfudl family has been indulging their guests with authentic cooking of the old Austrian monarchy on the very spot where you can find "The Pfudl", as we call it, today. "The Pfudl" has always been known for excellent food, a pleasant ambience and a warm welcome to everybody: the rich as well as the poor, young and old, families, students, workers, artists and guests from all over the world.

While the official history of "The Pfudl" goes back to the year 1900, latest research shows, that maybe the Pfudl family has been in Vienna for a much longer time. It seems as if in 1529, a 10-year old boy named Rudi Pfudl came to the City, fleeing the approaching troops of Sultan Süleyman I. and helping to defend the City as a spotter. Later, Rudi Pfudl seems to have made use of his familiy-ties and made a business out of bringing wine from his home Mailberg in Lower Austria to Vienna.

Since winter 2016 it is managed by the current operator.